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Israel Business Conference

Globes business conference - branding & advertising
Branding | Visual Identity | Communication Design

Globes is an Israeli business daily newspaper. Every year the newspaper organizes different conferences. 
The annual Israel Business Conference is the biggest among them and the leading economic event in Israel. Each year, the conference is dedicated to discussions, lectures and meetings to present the topics that have an impact on the local and international economy. 

That year's conference focused on the near future, when Israel will celebrate it's 100th birthday in 2048. In a world of technological revolutions, epidemics and extreme climate change, long-term planning is becoming increasingly important.
What are the right steps for Israel in the next thirty years? Is Israel, as a country and as a society, preparing itself as required?
"Where will we live when Israel's 100 years old?", "How will we pay?" and "What will be the life expectancy?"
For the advertising and branding of the conference, accompanying these questions,
I used the visuality and the color palette of the Israeli NIS 100 bill to emphasize the economic importance to the country's future in each of the key areas: finance, technology, the legal system, health, real estate, climate, etc.


Billboard for the Conference. "The forecast: 57 degrees, normal for the season. really soon"
Billboard for the Conference. "Israel is 100 years old. Really soon"
Billboard for the Conference. "do you have change for crypto? Really soon"
Newspaper Ad
Newspaper Ad "How would we pay in the future?"
Newspaper Ad "Where would we live in the future?"
Newspaper Ad "Until when would we live in the future?"
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